Why choose Nexus Identity for my promotional products’ needs?
  • Years of relevant industry and international experience with promotional products and global sourcing
  • Staff who know the language, the culture, and how to do business in China
  • An impeccable reputation and impressive client base
  • Expertise in all the major promotional product areas and categories
  • Full in-house design team to get the sample right the first time
  • Pre-production samples, allowing you to see your product before we produce it and ensuring the quality is maintained throughout the production
  • Expert quality control team for all categories and all steps of the production process

Why would I source promotional products through Nexus Identity instead of a domestic supplier?
  • Flexibility - We think "out of the catalog," meaning we're not limited to the handful of stock items domestic suppliers offer. We will work with you to come up with creative ideas and products that fit your timeline, your budget, and your client's brand.
  • Customization - We can help set your client's brand apart by offering promotional products customized to any level, often in a much shorter timeframe than catalog-limited domestic suppliers.
  • Larger Profits – Most domestic suppliers or so-called factories import products through agents or Hong Kong trading companies. All of them have high fixed overhead and inventory costs. Even those with good supply chains, imprint domestically and carry inventory which all adds to the cost of the final good. Domestic suppliers tend to mark prices up significantly and their overseas discount is not worth the extra wait to get the product. Not to mention that it leaves little room for your mark-up to the client. Nexus Identity keeps its prices very competitive, so everybody comes out ahead!
  • Shorter Turnaround Time - Domestic suppliers quote 90-120 days for stock items while Nexus Identity can often provide unique, customized items in much less time.
  • Variety - If you're looking for selection, think global, not local. Domestic suppliers do not offer a wide variety of products, just a few standard ones that they regularly stock in their warehouse.
  • Better Communication - In this industry, communication is the key to success. When working with Nexus Identity, you work directly with a team that communicates first-hand with China, instead of working through a rep that then has to pass the information on to yet another person. The more people you have to deal with, the higher the chance of miscommunication and error.
  • Direct Delivery - Domestic suppliers don't deliver directly to the client in your name, so expect to add on several extra days for their warehouse to repack the merchandise, which wastes valuable time. Nexus Identity's delivery process, on the other hand, is seamless, streamlined, and direct.

What types of products can Nexus Identity help source and import?
Nexus Identity can source and custom make just about anything that is labor-intensive, provided there are no copyright or patent violations, especially in the Cut & Sew category. If you know what you want manufactured, just send the sample, specifications and quantity for a quote.
Here are just a few examples of what we do:
  • Sewing items: Eco-friendly shopping bags, caps, hats, pillows, cases, pouches, tote bags, backpacks, wraps, bath robes, slippers, golf head covers, towels, denim jeans, garments, pet bed, pet clothing, quilts, etc.
  • Textile:  solid colors, existing patterns or make-to match
  • Multi-component packs: Different components which might include metal, fabric, plastic injection, etc., customized or made with existing mold, to be packed or assembled
  • Promotional items: competitive and high perceived value items, such as electronics, bags, jewelry, arts & crafts supplies, gadgets, inflatables, etc.
  • Other customized items: we’ll be happy to sign an NDA to work on your design. Please be prepared to provide samples and/or detailed drawings. Sample charges and international courier charges may apply.

How long does it take to get pricing?
Nexus Identity can turn around a quote for existing products (catalog items) within 24-48 hours from the time of request. The more specification details you can provide about your project, the more accurate we can be with our quoting process. A custom quote will take 4-5 days, which allows our art department to draw all the specifications, ultimately ensuring all our quotes are accurate and firm from the start.

Catalog Items:
Pre-negotiated (factory) pricing: 1 day
Fully negotiated pricing: 2 days

Custom Projects (depending on scope):
Pre-negotiated (factory) pricing: 3 days
Fully negotiated pricing: 4-5 days

How long is a quote valid?
Nexus Identity quotes are generally valid for 30 days from the date on the quote, unless otherwise indicated. After 30 days, the item must be re-quoted.

What items cannot be quoted?
Nexus Identity is unable to quote any FDA regulated items, such as food, medicines, or lotions.
On occasion, US import quotas and restrictions may also apply.  If such an instance occurs, we will notify you accordingly.

Does Nexus Identity's have any minimums?
Oftentimes people have a big misconception about overseas orders, thinking that they must have a very high MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). Although on certain low-ticket items such as plastic pens which generally require 5000 pieces minimum it is true, it is not necessarily the case on most of our products. We have been able to negotiate the lowest possible MOQ with our factories. You can find out the lowest MOQ item in a product category by doing a sort by “Minimum Qty: Low-High” on our website.  

When ordering from China don't you need 120 days?
No. Domestic suppliers have used this as their rule of thumb because they are too busy with their core business to focus much time or attention on overseas orders. Domestic suppliers that act out of their business models by trying to make extra money sourcing in China are not specialized to work intimately with the factories. Overseas manufacturing is the core business of Nexus Identity. Most of our orders can be manufactured in 30 calendar days, including a pre-production sample, and then delivered within another 30 calendar days. If the order is very complicated and requires a customs mold, it could take longer - but not nearly as long as it would take a domestic supplier. Ordering an catalog item can really cut down on production time, but even taking an existing product and modifying it to make it your own does not have to entail a 4-month wait.

Can I rush an overseas order?
Yes, there are always ways to rush an order:
  • Choosing freight is one way, whether upgrading to a faster vessel or air freight
  • Negotiating with factories on production time is also something that can speed things up.
  • Working with factories who we have a relationship with helps to get your goods moving fast.

How fast is fast?
We've actually delivered projects from China to the US in less than 7 days!
But generally speaking, you can expect the following timeframes (depending on quantity) for West Coast port delivery:

Existing items:
30 days via air
60 days via ocean

Custom Projects (including molding/tooling):
90 days via ocean
(Consumer products that require ACTS or STR inspection or testing may require additional time for completion.)

How does Nexus Identity process an order from start to finish? What is your six-step process?
  1. Get it started: To develop the Promotional Product Plan for your project, Nexus Identity will ask you to provide us with as much background as you can about the project. Your detailed information and upfront understanding of the clients' needs together with our expert knowledge in trends, existing products/components, and comparable budgeting will get the project off to a winning start.
  2. Get it designed: We'll walk you through our recommendations and provide conceptual drawings, proto-type modeling, fabric and materials. If your client chooses an existing item, we will provide a sample free of charge. If they decide to go custom, we will guide you through those additional steps after the proposal review.
  3. Get it in writing: For existing or modified items, we'll provide a written proposal within 24 hours; orders involving a high level of customization will be processed within 48 hrs. We'll include freight charges and schedules based on your timeline and needs. Once the proposal is approved, we will put the best manufacturer on your job, who will produce a pre-production sample to your product specifications.
  4. Get it into pre-production: The pre-production sample, which will exactly match the actual finished product, will be sent to you for your client's review and approval. The project won't move forward without feedback and final approvals.
  5. Get it produced and shipped: We'll determine the production schedule based on quantities needed, product type, product, and time of year. Throughout the production process, your product will be inspected for quality by certified inspectors. We'll book and schedule freight - and hold our factories to this timeline. You'll be updated every step of the way so you can alert your client to the project's status. With the pre-shipping check, it takes two days to pack your order, get it to port, and complete and file the appropriate paperwork, ensuring your order isn't held up. Goods set sail within two days and take 16-25 days, depending on size of shipment. We handle the pre-clearance, customs, and final clearance paperwork in the US office.
  6. Get it delivered: The moment you've been waiting for: final delivery of your promotional products. Once freight is cleared through customs, it will be brought to our warehouse, repacked, palletized, and taken by truck or rail to you or your customer's door. If you choose rail, we will make arrangements for final delivery. If you would prefer, we can arrange to use your third-party carrier to pick up the freight after it clears customs and deliver it to your designated location. Final payment is due when the goods are received. Decades of successful overseas sourcing have proven that our six-step process works. The entire process can take between 30 and 120 days, depending on the level of customization and freight delivery preferences. At the end of it, you will be delighted, not only with the final result but also the ease of getting there.

What is your sample policy? What is the cost and how long does it take?
Since we carry a very large variety of products, we may not have samples of certain items in our California office. If samples are available, we are happy to provide them free of charge given your UPS or FedEx account number. If samples are not available in our California office, we will have them shipped from our China office. Samples generally take 7-9 business days to be delivered. There is no cost for the sample itself, but we ask that you pay the actual freight cost from overseas (typically $50), which can be reimbursed towards the final invoice if you place an order. 

How do I know the status of my order?
You can always check the status of your order by visiting our website www.nexusidentity.com. On our homepage on the drop-down menu, enter your PO number and billing zip code to find out the current status on your order. In addition, you will receive up-to-date status information and emails that will keep you effortlessly in the loop instead of feeling like you need to “babysit” your order. Nexus Identity knows that most overseas orders are larger orders for your most important clients. We understand how important it is to deliver on-time, quality merchandise at the industry's most competitive prices. When dealing with your best clients, you can depend on Nexus Identity and rest easy knowing that your order is in good hands.

How do I know I will get what I ordered?
When possible, we can send your product to the factory for them to duplicate exactly. But we will provide you with:
  • A pre-production sample to approve before production begins
  • Renderings
  • Images from the factories
  • Quality control checks to ensure that the finished product not only looks like it should but also performs like it should

How Nexus Identity helps to deal with the aggravation of late shipments, wrong shipments, poor quality, custom problems, etc. with manufacturing in China?
Dealing with overseas vendors is very different from buying domestically. It is not always possible to eliminate all the problems, but Nexus Identity’s team has extensive experience in all areas of importing and can minimize problems. The key point is trying to anticipate potential problems and seek prevention ahead of time. We work closely with you on product specifications and confirm that all requirements are achievable before production even starts.  Samples are sent for approval before mass production and final shipment leaving China so you know what to expect. Any problems are dealt with immediately and effectively.

I am just a small business. Can I really save on my import needs like the "Big Boys" do with their volume buying and shipping?
YES! Why do it unless there is saving? We can offer you the savings of importing with the convenience of buying locally. We will try every possible way to reduce your costs by consolidating orders and shipments. With our existing overseas offices, you have on-site control just like the "Big Boys." We do have to meet minimum order quantity (MOQ) due to material or component requirements and may incur extra handling fees if small shipments have to be made by themselves. If a project is not feasible, your Nexus Identity account executive will be upfront about it so you have realistic expectations. Volume does have a big impact on pricing and we have to find that balance between buying enough to achieve the savings you want and not buying too much to tie up all your cash. With Nexus Identity, you know exactly what you will be paying ahead of time. No surprises!

Are the freight costs, Customs Duty, and all these other import charges I hear about included in your quotes, are there any "hidden" charges?
All charges, including customs brokerage and freight to the stated destination are included in our pricing. We do not quote FOB China and leave you holding the bag and being surprised with an unexpected freight or US Customs Bill. Managing this important aspect of your order is part of the service we provide. Our standard FOB Point for quotes is Los Angeles unless otherwise stated. Provide destination zip code and confirm the delivery location has "dock high" receiving facility.

What type of inspection services do you offer?
Nexus Identity is able to inspect projects directly, through our Guangzhou and Yiwu offices, and also indirectly, through the use of independent inspection services such as ACTS and STR. If it is specifically requested or required, we can also arrange for a third-party inspection/audit of factory labor conditions and human rights standards, with the full inspection report provided to you or your clients.

How do I get my order once it arrives from China?
Since many people are not familiar with the shipping process/shipping terms, Nexus Identity will explain everything in detail and outline all of your costs up front - no more unpleasant surprises about added costs once the shipment is in the port. The price we quote at the project's start is the price you'll pay in the end. Our logistics team manages, tracks, and ensures all your logistical needs are met. We will update you throughout the process so you never have to call us looking for your order or sample. We can ship your products door to door and make sure they arrive on time. If we can't do what we say we are going to do, we would rather walk away from a project than take it on and not meet your expectations.