About Us

An Expert Collaborator
Nexus Identity is a promotional items, custom, and OEM products, sourcing company, and importer. With over 17 years of experience in promotional products, overseas manufacturing, and international business, Nexus Identity was founded in 2006 by a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, former executives, import buyers, and distributors who have managed global expansion, strategic sourcing, and promotional product campaigns for leading Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Nexus Identity's unique ideas and "beyond the catalog" thinking are guided by their backgrounds in promotional advertising and marketing, as well as product merchandising, assuring that your project is no problem for them. Demand for high-quality, high-value import services has fueled the company's consistent growth. Our knowledgeable staff and tried-and-true network of manufacturing partners help you identify the optimum solution for your project. Nexus Identity specializes in a variety of product categories, supplying everything from printed toy stickers to complex injection molded OEM components used in manufacturing. We use our extensive multi-step procedure to manage all aspects of production once the suitable product-manufacturer link has been found and established. There's no need to stress about quality control, product safety, CPSIA compliance, or the overwhelming amount of requirements that come with an import project. Nexus Identity takes care of these important details for you! Our global logistics staff and in-house customs brokerage assure prompt and easy delivery once your shipment leaves the facility. The Hassle-Free Importing Experience is what we offer! We recognize that your customers, no matter how big or small, have high expectations for their international orders. Nexus Identity's team of experts is well-versed in meeting and exceeding these goals.

Competitive Advantage
Our success is dependent on effective communication. Members of the Nexus Identity team have lived, worked, and studied in China, and speak fluent Mandarin and Cantonese. They're great at dealing with vendors and providing excellent customer service. Years spent abroad have resulted in strong, long-lasting alliances and a thorough understanding of global business culture, providing Nexus Identity an advantage over domestic competition. Our team's extensive experience in advertising, marketing, and product merchandising enables them to provide really innovative product solutions.

Locations of Offices
Nexus Identity's international offices are strategically located in Guangzhou and Yiwu, China, in addition to our US headquarters in Irvine, CA. This means that there is always staff on site to visit factories, review products, provide quality control, handle logistics, manage customs, and ensure on-time delivery. Our staff is in continual communication with our suppliers: factories with the knowledge, experience, and dependability needed to produce high-quality goods. In fact, we operate with a number of the same factories that major US merchants rely on.

Expertise and Experience
Nexus Identity has gained a reputation as promotional abroad sourcing experts after innumerable promotional campaigns and decades of first-hand expertise. We understand every aspect of sourcing, production, customization, and logistics for promotional products from other countries. We can supply the proper promotional product at a low cost by using our focused expertise: a product that fits your clients' needs and exceeds their expectations.

Customized to Your Specific Requirements
We begin by working together with you to produce creative promotional ideas and solutions for your clients. Are you sick of the same old items? We are, too, which is why we keep up with the most recent product releases from across the world. We also enjoy thinking "beyond the catalog" and creating one-of-a-kind custom-made promotional items.

Because of our long-standing relationships with respected, competent manufacturers all around the world, we can always call on the appropriate people at the right moment. We keep our commitments, as each of our customers will attest. No order goes into production without a free pre-production sample being checked and approved, in order to ensure that our products precisely match your clients' expectations. There is no room for errors in our industry.

Quick Turnaround Time
Your success relies on delivering promotional products to your clients in a timely and reliable manner. That is why Nexus Identity goes above and beyond in terms of delivery time. Global sourcing may be faster and more responsive than you ever dreamed when you partner with the right company! Nexus Identity can also complete custom offshore orders far faster than domestic suppliers, providing greater flexibility, cost savings, and a higher-quality product. Domestic suppliers use catalogs to place orders, which limits their options and, ironically, leads to lengthier wait times. Overseas orders, contrary to popular belief, do not require large quantities or extensive lead times. Nexus Identity has a simplified, multi-step production process in place to ensure that all purchases arrive not only on time, but often with a shorter turnaround time than you'd expect.

Global Perspectives
We deliver a degree of global awareness unequaled by domestic suppliers, with offices in both the United States and China. Nexus Identity understands every part of the overseas promotional product manufacturing process as a proud member of the major industry groups ASI and SAGE. Our staff brings a wealth of expertise to the table, as well as a slew of fresh new ideas. Nexus Identity also recognizes how important cost-effective purchasing is to your bottom line. Our global reach and connections to the world's most efficient manufacturers result in factory-direct pricing that domestic competitors just cannot match. As a result, you may save money while providing the best service to your customers.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to be the leading promotional and consumer products supplier in the industry by providing product leadership, outstanding value, and unmatched customer service. To that end, our goal is to build and maintain relationships that benefit our clients, vendors, and Nexus Identity. Essentially, in all of our activities and transactions, we seek to create win-win situations.

A Sales Team That Understands and Takes Care of Your Needs
Our sales team was hand-picked from the Promotional and Consumer Products industries' most experienced professionals. Our Account Executives have years of experience working with customers to understand their needs and expectations, and they endeavor to build solutions that handle the complex issues that most custom import orders entail. Account Executives work directly with customers throughout the sourcing, production, and delivery stages to establish a continuous, dedicated point of contact. Nexus Identity is a domestic company, thus communication is timely and tailored to the project and demands of each client. Our goal is to deliver an accurate price quote on most jobs within 24 to 48 hours, and we have a 24-hour response policy on all inquiries, ensuring that clients are never left in the dark.

A Production Team That Understands Manufacturing
Sourcing and Project Management teams make up our production department. Our sourcing team draws on their broad knowledge of the Chinese manufacturing industry to give quick and accurate price and production estimates. Our Sourcing team is able to specialize by major product types due to the volume that Nexus Identity supplies. This enables us to have a greater understanding of the subtleties of the items our clients are looking for, as well as forging stronger factory direct relationships. This equates to orders arriving on time. Our Product Managers are bi-lingual and have received western education, allowing them to efficiently bridge the language and cultural gap between our clients' expectations and requests and the factory's capabilities.

A Logistics and Customs Team That Knows What They’re Doing
Our logistics team has considerable amount of experience with both ocean and inland shipments, as well as project management through customs. Our logistics team uses a network of vessel and air carriers to provide tracking, as well as problem resolution and customer service. Nexus Identity can effortlessly connect this with a variety of competent suppliers if clients want items delivered to their door, need short-term warehousing, or fulfillment services. Our understanding of duty rates is not only useful in pricing import products, but our knowledge of customs procedures and processes may help you design your product to avoid inconvenient and costly waits at the port.

A Way of Life Committed to Your Success
Our management team's primary goal is to enable Nexus Identity to efficiently service clients in a true win-win collaboration. Each contributes their own set of skills, experience, expertise, and dedication to back up your decision to work with Nexus Identity as your trusted import partner. Nexus Identity's "customer first" concept is built on the trust that all of our clients and suppliers have in us. With this in mind, Nexus Identity has built a variety of quality assurance and quality control processes, as well as a 30-Day Product Guarantee program, to ensure that the importing experience is as risk-free as possible.

Product Testing, CPSIA Compliance and Product Safety
Through a multi-step product creation process, product testing technique, and quality control program, we limit the risk of importing. Every project goes through initial and final inspections, and our China team reviews existing and possible new manufacturing partners on a regular basis. Nexus Identity collaborates with independent testing labs to certify product safety and compliance with CPSIA and Proposition 65 criteria. You can rest certain that your product complies with the ever-changing maze of new safety rules.