Direct Import

What's the difference between direct importing and buying from an importer?

Direct importing is buying from overseas manufacturers directly, per your design, using your logo or trade name. The factory in China will produce what you order, not selling what they have already produced. With Nexus Identity’s full service, you will enjoy a seamless process, from sampling to the final delivery at your door without worrying about working with different cultures or languages. Direct importing gives you the best possible price without the hassle of traveling overseas and taking the risks of having unpleasant surprises. Direct importing does require full payment and a longer lead time for overseas production, usually 40-60 calendar days from sample approval date. Buying from an importer is a different story. Most importers work with 70-100% mark-up on top of factory's cost because they have to keep inventory in their warehouse. Also can't customize easily when buying from an importer as the merchandise is pre-selected, often with the importer's logo. This may be a good solution for start-up companies or new ventures that need to test the market.

You should consider Importing if:

  • You want to reduce the cost of purchased materials by a minimum of 20%
  • You want your suppliers to truly compete for your business
  • Your current supplier isn't achieving at least 5% annual productivity and sharing some of that with you
  • Your current source (or the domestic industry) doesn't have the capacity to meet your production needs
  • You're stuck with getting quotes from the "good old boy" network and they keep coming up with the same old answers
  • You think you can't get to the next level of quality with your current supplier
  • You have a new product that requires a new skill set or technology that your current supplier can't offer
  • You want to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition

Our vast knowledge of the import business and our ability to deliver low cost have made us a leader in promotional products industry.  If you want to create a new product or boost your profit margins our direct importing program is the answer. We are a one-stop marketing and creative solution specializing in direct importing for our clients.